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We specialize in assisting Attorney's, Paralegal professionals and People with interests in Legal Matters at all courthouse's in the State of Florida.  Our Courthouse copy and Scan services are focused on locating, retrieving and copying case files. Upon completion of the assignment, we can scan your documents and email them back tom you. Of course, if your documents are certified emailing will not be appropriate so you will need to direct us as to your preferred return method. We also copy recorded documents and can obtain copies of any records at the Federal, State, Circuit, County and or local government offices.

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Courthouse copy and scan services are handled in an expedited manner and can be scanned, emailed, faxed or send back to you via overnight courier. Its your choice how you want the file copies returned to you. We just want you to know, we are capable of handling your request anyway that suits your particular needs.

Florida Courthouse and Public records research to locate and copy files is our job. You tell us what files you need and we will obtain them.

To review the estimated costs associated with our services please click on Services Fees.

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Court File Copy and Scan Services in Broward County and Palm Beach County Florida

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Florida Driving Records Public Records - Chapter 119, Florida Statutes, commonly known as Florida's "Public Records Law," provides information on public records in Florida, including policies, definitions, exemptions, general information on records access, inspection, examination and duplication of records.

Florida's Government-in-the-Sunshine Law: To assist the public and governmental agencies in understanding the requirements and exemptions to Florida's open government laws, the Attorney General's Office compiles a comprehensive guide known as the Government-in-the-Sunshine manual.

Examples of specific state agency records, subjects, sources and public information website links are included below; or click here for suggestions to help locate records when you are not sure exactly what you are looking for or to research hard-to-find data.

AAA- Public Records -AAA


Abandoned/Unclaimed Property - Florida Department of Financial Services
Affidavits (Legal Search by Name, Location)
Agreements (documents on file with county courthouse)
Alcoholic Beverage & Tobacco Delinquencies
Archives - State Archives & Records Management
Assignments (county courthouse records)
Attorney Search - See "Attorneys"
Auto & Motor Vehicle Records - Crash Reports, Driving History, Previous Vehicle Owners, Data for Sale, Stolen Vehicles

BBB- Public Records -BBB


Background Checks
Bank Search - Financial Institution Search
Banking & Finance (Licensing Records)
Birth Certificates
Business Records (State Records); SEE: "Business Search" - This includes corporations & other businesses registered in Florida, Trademarks, UCC Lien Filings, Fictitious Names or DBA "Doing Business As" Registrations, list of business owners, addresses, etc.

Business Records (County Records & Court Filings)
Business Records (Corporate Records, Officers, Directors, etc.)
Business & Professional Regulation, Dept. of (Licensing Search) - for industries regulated by DBPR only: Includes - Accountants, Alcoholic Beverages & Tobacco, Architecture & Interior Design, Athletic Agents, Building Code Inspection & Administration, Construction, Cosmetology & Barbers, Employee Leasing, Funeral Related, Geologists, Harbor Pilots, Landscape Architects, Surveyors, Talent Agencies, Veterinarians, Yacht & Shipbrokers | Or for: Real Estate, Pari-Mutuel Wagering, Certified Public Accountants, Asbestos Consultants, Building Code Administrators and Inspectors, Harbor Pilots, Electrical Contractors, and the Construction Industry

CCC- Public Records -CCC


Campaign Contributions Database Search Florida Division of Elections
Campaign Contributions (Who Gives, Who Gets) - OpenSecrets.org Guide
Cemetery Records - Names in Florida cemeteries (by Surname) - Fla. Dept. of State
Cemeteries - Locations (National Cemeteries)
Charities Lookup - Florida Division of Consumer Services
Grants - State Clearinghouse - Federal Award Search - Circulates applications for federal projects, including federal permits and funding activities in Florida
Companies (Search) - Companies & other organizations registered in Florida, Corporations, Fictitious Names, DBA, Trademarks, UCC, Employers, Search companies that do business with the state (Florida Business Guide)

Contracts & Deeds (on file with county courthouse)
Corrections (Inmates, Escapes, Release Info) - Florida Law Enforcement Guide (State of Florida.com)

Criminal History Information - Florida Dept. of Law Enforcement
County Official Records
Court Judgments (on file with county courthouse)

DDD- Public Records -DDD


Death Certificates (to order) | Death Certificates (Search/Locate Records)
Death Records - Social Security Death Index - Search by name, social security number, county, state, etc.

Deeds & Contracts (on file with county courthouse)
Divorce Records (Dissolution of Marriage)
Driver Records - DMV, Auto Records, Drivers License Records
EEE- Public Records -EEE


Economy Statistics - Fedstats
Engineers - Professional Engineer (Licensing Search) - Florida Board of Professional Engineers

Environmental Related Permits Under Review (Statewide) - Air, Stormwater, Solid Waste, Hazardous Waste, Dredge & Fill, ERP, etc.
View By County | Search for Specific Application

FFF- Public Records -FFF


Federal Activities & Projects in Florida - Florida State Clearinghouse
Financial Institutions Lookup
Firearms & Concealed Weapons (License Applications, Individual Records, Etc.) - Florida Department of State
Fire Equipment Dealers (Search)
Fugitives & Most Wanted (FDLE Florida Database)
Funeral & Cemetery (Licensing Records)

GGG- Public Records -GGG


Geographic Names Information System (Find a Place) - U.S. Geological Survey
Grants & Funding Sources - State of Florida
Gross State Product (Data) - Bureau of Economic Analysis
Guns - Firearms & Concealed Weapons (Public Records; Licensing Records of Firms & Individuals) - Florida Department of State
Guns - Stolen Guns (Search)

HHH- Public Records -HHH


Hazardous Waste Sites in Florida
Health Care Administration, Agency for (Public Records Office)
Health Care Licensing Lookup (Doctors & Other Health Professionals)
Highway Safety & Motor Vehicles (Driver License Records, Auto Registration, Driver History)

III- Public Records -III


Identity Theft Protection (Insurance Information)
Insurance Agents, Adjusters & Representatives (Lookup)
Insurance Companies Licensed to do Business in Florida

JJJ- Public Records -JJJ


Judgment Lien Filing Inquiry (Division of Corporations) - To search for a Judgment filing document for interest in personal property

Judgments (courthouse records on file)

LLL- Public Records -LLL


Land (Real Estate for Sale) - Statewide
Land Records (State Lands) - Division of State Lands (Active & Historical State Land Documents)
Land Records (Local Property Records) - Property Records of Individuals & Businesses. Links to County Property Appraisers where property and related tax records are housed.

Liens (Local Records Search) | Judgment Lien Inquiry (Statewide)
Lis Pendens (Courthouse Records Search)
Lobbyist Information - Florida Legislature

MMM- Public Records -MMM


Marina Database - Marinas in the State of Florida - (sorted alphabetically by name)
Marriage Records Search (Marriage Certificates by Name/Location)
>> Marriage Records (to order) Florida Vital Statistics & Records
Medical Records Law - Ownership and control of patient records; report or copies of records to be furnished to patient when requested (Florida Statutes, Chapter 456)

Medical Doctors (Disciplinary Information) - by Public Citizen Organization
Medical Wholesalers, Manufacturers, Retailers (Licensee Lookup)

Medicine, Florida Board of (Records)
Military Discharge/Separation (Records Search)
Missing Persons - FDLE Search Database
Mortgages (Search/Order Copies of Recordings)
Most Wanted Persons - Florida Department of Law Enforcement records
Motor Vehicle Records (Crash Reports, Locate the Owner of a Vehicle, Locate Previous Owners, Data for Sale, Stolen Vehicles)

MyFloridaCounty (County Official Records)
NNN- Public Records -NNN


Newspaper Headline Archive (Current News) - State of Florida.com
Newspaper Article Database (Historical) 1762 to 1885 - UF Library
Newspaper Public Notices - Select from recent public notices placed in Florida newspapers - Florida Press Association. Note: Requires registration and sign-in.

Notice of Commencement (Search Local Records)
Notice of Contest of Lien (Search Local Records)
Notices (Legal Search)

OOO- Public Records -OOO


Obituaries Database - Obituary Daily Times
Obituary Project - USGenWeb Project More genealogy resources (click here)

PPP- Public Records -PPP


People Search - Updated phone and address information (Yahoo.com)
Pest Control Complaints (Complaint History Records) - Florida Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services
Photo Archives of Florida | Search - Florida Memory Project
Plats & Property Records
Power of Attorney Records
Private Investigators (Public Records Lookup) - Florida Department of State

Probate Documents & Records
Professions & Occupations (Licensing Records Search) - Professional Regulation Licensing Search (covers industries regulated by the Florida Department of Business & Professional Regulation only); OTHER Professions & Industries

Professions & Occupations (Licensing Records) - Private Investigators, Security Agencies, Recovery Agency, Related Schools (Covers occupations regulated by the Florida Department of State)

Property Records, Deeds & Plats (Search/Locate/Order Copies)
Also See "Property Appraisers" for local offices

Property for Sale - Real Estate (Searchable)

Public Documents (Florida State Documents Depository Program)
Public Records (County & Local Courthouse Records) - Many types of public records are accessible in person through local county courthouses in Florida
Public Records (State Records Retention Requirements by Agency) - State records retention guidelines

RRR- Public Records -RRR


Real Estate Information

Recovery Agency/Agencies Records - Florida Dept. of State
Release Records Search
Restaurant Disciplinary Activity Reports - Department of Business & Professional Regulation
Restriction (Search Court Records)

SSS- Public Records -SSS


Satisfaction (Search by Name/Location)
Securities (Financial Licensing Records)
Security Agency/Agencies (Records) - Florida Dept. of State
Florida Department of State (Public Records Request)
Sex Offenders/Predators Search System - Florida Department of Law Enforcement
Social Security Statistics for Florida Number receiving benefits by program and dollar totals

Statistics for Florida - Pop, Econ, etc.

Stolen Property Database - FDLE
Stolen Vehicle Search - Motor Vehicle Records
State Agency Records (Guidelines & Retention Policies)

TTT- Public Records -TTT


Telephone Lookup (People Search) - Phone Numbers & Address Information
Telephone Lookup (Reverse Phone Directory)Find name, address and map location by phone number
Telephone Lookup (State Employees, Programs & Agencies)
Termination Records (Local Courthouse Records)
Tourism Statistics & Facts - Travel Stats - Visit Florida, Inc.
Note: Registration & email address may be required by Visit Florida to view this information.
Transfer Records (Search Local Courthouse Records)

UUU- Public Records -UUU


UCC Financing Statements (Search)
Unclaimed Property Database
Utility Regulation Records - Florida Public Service Commission

VVV- Public Records -VVV


Vendor Payment History Info. (State Contractors, Vendors)
State of Florida Comptroller's Office
Veterans Affairs & Documents - U.S. Dept. of Veterans Affairs
Vital Statistics & Records - Birth, Death, Marriage, Divorce Records

WWW- Public Records -WWW


Wills & Probate Records - (Click Here) for local courthouse and county official records. PLEASE NOTE: Not all counties maintain records online. However, records can usually be obtained at minimal charge at the courthouse in the county where the person resided. Contact the local clerk of the courts office for assistance with records in a particular county.

Workers' Compensation Compliance Database - Proof of Coverage (By Employer)


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A. C. E., Inc. of Florida
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